Saturday, October 10, 2015

30 - 50 - 75% OFF
All  Products
Thank you!

     It has been a great few years, but it is time for us to move on. A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to our lovely shop, from our outstanding teachers, to our devoted students and each and every customer.

Limited Hours

Saturday 10 - 3 October 10th
Wednesday October 14th 1 - 8
Friday October 16th  11 - 4
Saturday October 17th 10 - 4

Needles - 50% off
Books - 50% - 75% off
Fiber 30% off
ALL Yarn 30 -  50  - 70% Off
Three Wheels in stock! 40% off
(Louet s10 Double & Single Treadle)

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Yarn Shop Newsletter! Enjoy our new layout and COUPON!
Yarn Shop News
Welcome to our new weekly newsletter from Knitting in the Red Yarn Shop!
Shop News

Summer Hours will be ending soon and a new Knit Night added on Thursdays! We kindly welcome and encourage all crochet, knitting and fiber groups to meet at our shop with an included 10% OFF ANY purchases during each and every Knit Night. Only valid during Knit/Crochet Nights each Wednesday 5 - 8 and Thursday 5 - 8. Group Classes also available for those nights!
Coming Soon
No more estimating tail length for a long tail CO

A long-tail cast on is a neat looking edge of what would be considered the "purl" side. Now take the guessing out of long tail with this great tip!
Pattern Highlight

Free Until August 31st on Ravelry
Suggested YarnShepherd's Wool  
 In Shop Now! Lovely Assortment of colors! 
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Valid week of August 26th - Saturday August 29th
Just mention coupon!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Yarn Shop Hours
Summer Hours
Tuesday 11 - 5
Wednesday 1 - 8
Thursday 11 - 5
Friday 11 - 4
Saturday 10 - 3

Free Groups
Wednesday 5 - 8
(Knit, Spin, Crochet)
Fiber Fridays 1 - 4
Saturday Knit Therapy All Day
(Knit, Spin, Crochet)
Yarn Shop News
Classes offered all week. We work on a private one on one basis to give our customers the attention they need. If you see a class that interests you, please give our shop a call @ 770 -402- 9610 or email us @
Knitting for Beginners
Crochet for Beginners
Two-at-a-Time Socks
Kids and Teens
Discount on classes if you bring a friend or group!
Patterns of the Week
"Solace is a textured, oversized cardi featuring flattering slim sleeves and optional pockets. The design is intended to be worn with a large amount of positive ease in the body and zero ease in the sleeves."


Mayapple Shawl

"Mayapple is shown in the wonderful Tosh Sock weight yarn but may be knitted in whatever weight you choose. The size is easily customizable by working more or fewer Body Chart 2 repeats. A solid or tonal yarn is highly recommended to showcase the intricacy of the design."


"Lily, a sweet lace cowl worked in the round from the bottom up. It's long enough to wrap around the neck twice and can be made wider or shorter simply by adding or removing repeats."

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Free Groups
Wednesday 5 - 8
Fiber Fridays 2 - 4
Saturday Knit Therapy - All Day

No Yarn Rules 

Tip of the Week

Yarn Shop News

Knitting in the Red Yarn Shop
2864 E. Cherokee Drive Suite D
(Next to Shane's and TSC)
Canton, Ga 30115
770 - 402 - 9610


Class info is located on Web Site
Patterns of the Week
Campside Cardi

"Large dots of golden sunlight swish through the leaves on the trees, dancing in patterns across the bare floorboards. The gentle lapping sounds of the pond travel up the hill, the canoe bobbing in place along the shoreline. Sunlight glimmers across the water's surface as birds sing bright secrets."
Over the Sea to Skye

"The asymmetric lines and shifting patterns of this lightweight shawl will carry you away on an ocean breeze.
Reminiscent of the sweeping landscape of beachy Dunes and the rippling of the waves as they rush onto the sand.
This oversized shawl is the perfect accessory for a chilly summer night but light enough for a warm, balmy day as you journey over the Sea."


"Graceful and airy,
Alpenshawl is as comfortable caressing your shoulders on a crisp summer walk as she is wrapped like a scarf when sunlight fades. Follow undulating lace curves on the right side only, then shape
Alpenshawl's generous, feminine crescent with stress-free short rows. Indulge in some natural luxury, wherever your alpine path leads."
"Cooking Corner"

West African Peanut Soup


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